Night attackANGEL CITY (austr): Night attack    (hard-rock)   1981    8 euro

Apocalypse 84APOCALYPSE 84 WITH :  Kiss,Thin Lizzy,Lita Ford,Black Sabbath....


7 euro


BangBANG TANGO (usa): Live injection   (hard-rock)  1989    12 euro

Barry goudreau

BARRY GOURDEAU (usa): Same   (hard-rock) 1980 ex-boston    7euro




BlitzzBLITZZ (ger): Do the blitz    (thrash metal)   1990          18 euro

Blood i bleedBLOOD I BLEED (pays-bas): High octane thrash   (crossover)   2007     15 euro

All shook upCHEAP TRICK (usa): All Shock Up    (hard-rock)


7 euro


One on oneCHEAP TRICK (usa): One on One   (hard-rock)


7 euro


DANGER (can): Same    (hard-rock)  1977  rare lp dans l'esprit de trust          20 euro

David t chastian

DAVID T.CHASTAIN'S CJSS (usa): World gone mad (heavy metal)  1986   10 euro




Dirty looksDIRTY LOOKS (usa): Same      (hard-rock)   1985          10 euro

Dirty side

DIRTY SIDE (fr): Same  (hard-rock)  1989       15 euro




FiscFISC (fr): Tracker     (heavy metal)    1984           15 euro

FlotsamFLOTSAM AND JETSAM (usa): When the storm comes down    (thrash metal)  1990   15 euro

Girls to chat and boys to bounceFOGHAT (uk): Girls to Chat and Boys to Bounce  (hard-rock)


7 euro


In the mood for something rudeFOGHAT (uk): In the Mood for Something Rule  (hard-rock)


6 euro


Zig zag walkFOGHAT (uk): Zig-zag Walk  (hard-rock)


7 euro


FormulaFORMULA.1 (russ): Queen of lie    (hard-rock)    1992     15 euro

FOTOMAKER (usa): Vis-Avis    (hard-rock)  1978     5 euro

FOTOMAKER (usa): Transformation  (hard-rock)  1979   5 euro

Ghost eponyGHOST (swe): Opus eponymouvs   (hard heavy)  2010      40 euro

Ghost pictureGHOST (swe): Opus eponymouvs   (hard heavy)  2011 picture disc     50 euro

Ghist infestGHOST (swe): Infestissumam  (hard heavy)   2013       25 euro

Ghost if youGHOST (swe): If you have    (hard heavy)    2013  mini lp     20 euro

Ghost melioraGHOST (swe): Meliora     (hard heavy)     2015         25 euro

Ghost popGHOST (swe): Popestar     (hard heavy)   2016   mini lp     15 euro

Twilight zoneGOLDEN EARRING (pays-bas): Twilight Zone


5 euro  maxi


Goo goo dollsGOO GOO DOLLS (usa): Jed    (punk rock)    1989      15 euro

R 2377741 1469088972 3108 jpegGREG LAKE (usa): Same    (hard-rock)   1981    9 euro

R 2323256 1277034101 jpegGUS (can): Convicted !      (hard-rock)   1980  10 euro,  rare LP

R 3146052 1317898205 jpegGUS (can): ON the Verge  (hard-rock)  1983  10 euro, rare LP


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