Heat in the street

PAT TRAVERS (can) : Heat in the street   (hard-rock)  1978    7 euro




Crash and burn

PAT TRAVERS (can): Crash and burn  (hard-rock)  1980   7 euro




Radio active

PAT TRAVERS (can): Radio active    (hard-rock)  1981   7 euro




Pet hate

PET HATE (uk): Roll away the stone   (hard-rock)   1984  rare maxi    8 euro





PETS  (usa): Wet behind the ears   (hard-rock)   1978   7 euro




Phil lynott

PHIL LYNOTT (ilr): The philip lynott album   (hard-rock)  1982  8 euro




Just what you needed

PINK ROSE (fr): Just waht you needed    (hard-rock)   1986  10 euro




Reckless 1

RECKLESS (can): Same   (hard-rock)  1981   7 euro




Richie kotzen

RITCHIE KOTZEN  (usa): Same   (hard-rock)   1989   6 euro




Sweet music

ROADMASTER 'usa): Sweet music   (hard fm)   1978   10 euro




Robin george

ROBIN GEORGE  (usa): Heartline   (hard fm)    1984  rare maxi   3 titres    8 euro




Rock rose

ROCK ROSE (usa): Same   (hard-rock)  1979    7 euro





SABU (usa): Heartbreak   (hard-rock)  1985    6 euro




Small talk

SMALL TALK (usa): Same   (hard fm)   1981   6 euro





STATORS (fr): ...Never too late    (hard-rock)  1985   rare lp   15 euro




Steve morse

STEVE MORSE (usa): High tension wire   (hard-rock)  1989    5 euro





STINGRAY (adu): Stingray    (hard-rock)  1979   rare lp    15 euro




Stone fury

STONE FURY (usa): Let them talk    (hard-rock)  1986   6 euro




Straight eight


STRAIGHT EIGHT (ger): Straight to the heart   (hard-rock)  1981    10 euro





STRANGEWAYS (uk): Same   (hard fm)   1985   7 euro





Strangeways 2

STRANGEWAYS (uk): Native sons  (hard fm) 1987   5 euro




SUGARCREEK (usa): same   (hard fm)   1985  6 euro

Sweet level

SWEET (uk): level headed (hard-rock)  1978   5 euro




Sweet identity

SWEET (uk): identity crisis  (hard-rock)  1982   6 euro




Tattoeed love boy

TATTOOED LOVE BOYS (uk): Bleeding hearts and needle marks  (heavy rock) 1988  8 euro




Tesla little

TESLA (usa): little suzi   (heavy rock)  1986  rare maxi promo  10 euro




Tesla gettin

TESLA (usa): Gettin' better  (heavy rock)  1986  rare maxi promo  10 euro




The cult


THE CULT (uk): sun jing eddie ciao  baby   (hard-rock)  1989  maxi rare  8 euro



The rejects


THE REJECTS (uk): quiet storm  (nwobhm)   1984  rare lp   15 euro



The sterling cooke force


THE STERLING COOKE FORCE (usa): full force   (heavy metal)   1984  rare lp  20 euro




THUNDER (usa): Thunder   (hard-rock aor)  1980  rare lp    15 euro




TITANIC (nor): Return of drakkar  (hard-rock)  1977  rare lp   12 euro






TKO (usa): let it roll   (heavy metal)  1979     7 euro





TOBALY (fr): nightmare  (hard-rock)  1983  maxi 2 titres ex-variations   7 euro





Tommy bolin


TOMMY BOLIN (usa): Teaser   (hard-rock)  1975  ex-deep purple  10 euro







TORA (ger): Tora  (aor)  1983    7 euro






TOUCH (usa): Touch   (hard fm)  1980






TOYAH (uk): Anthem  (post punk)  1981     7 euro





Trevor rabin

TREVOR RABIN (wolf  (hard-rock)  1980   7 euro






TRIUMPH (can): thuder seven  (hard-rock)  1984  8 euro






TROOPER (can): money talks   (hard-rock)   1982   7 euro





Twelfth night

TWELFTH NIGHT (uk): Art &illusion  (hard progressive)  1984  rare mini lp   pour les fans de marillion époque de fish       15 euro




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