HeiarHEIR APPARENT (usa): One small voice    (heavy metal)   1989      15 euro

No rest for the wickedHELIX (can): No Rest for the Wicked  (heavy metal)


7 euro



HELIX (can): Long way to heaven   (heavy metal)   1985     7 euro





Nip in the budHERMAN RAREBELL (ger): Nip in the Bud  (hard-rock)


6 euro  ex-batteur de scorpions


HOT ROCKS COMPIL : With bands : Cheap Trick, Derringer, Reo Speedwagon, Kansas, Ted Nugent, Boston.... 1977 10 euro (Rare copy promotional ! )

R 2804431 1302021321 jpegHOUNDS (usa): Unleashed   (glam)   1978     15 euro ( Rare LP ! )

Hughes and thrallHUGHES/THRALL (usa): Same


10 euro



IRE (can): What seed, what root?  (hardcore)   2000 mini lp   10 euro




Jimmy martin

JIMMY MARTIN (lux): The rhythm of life    (hard fm)  1989   7 euro




John norum

JOHN NORUM  (swe): Total control    (hard-rock)   1987      10 euro




Because the nightKEEL (usa): Because the Night  (Heavy Metal)


5 euro  ( Maxi LP )


Killer fox

KILLER FOX  (usa):  Going under   (heavy metal)  1986  rare lp    15 euro




KornKORN (usa): Remember who you are    (neo metal)    2010      15 euro


R 3200303 1320189137 jpegLEYDEN ZAR (CAN): Same    (hard-rock)  1981    10 euro

Lizzy bordenLIZZY BORDEN (usa): Terror rising    (heavy metal)    1987      10 euro

LoverboyLOVERBOY (can): Same    (hard fm)


6 euro


Get luckyLOVERBOY (can): Get lucky   (hard fm)


6 euro


MamaMAMA'S BOYS (irl): Live tonite    (hard-rock)    1991      15 euro

MAXUS (??): Same    (Hard-Rock)   1981     8 euro

MONEY (usa): Trust Me    (Hard-Rock)   1984        8 euro  rare lp

MercufylMERCYFUL FATE (danm): Don't break the oath   (heavy metal)  1984 picture disc  30 euro

Metal morofisiMETALMORFOSIS (gre): Metalmorfosis    (heavy metal)   2006  mini lp rare   25 euro

Molly 1MOLLY HATCHET (usa): No guts...no glory    (rock sudiste)   1983       10 euro

Molly 2MOLLY HATCHET (usa): Double trouble  live   (rock sudiste)   1985   double lp   17 euro

No introduction

NO INTRODUCTION NECESSARY WITH jimmy page,albert lee,john paul jones (rock,blue,hard) 1984      7 euro



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