Pure s e x single version ADAM BOMB (usa): Pure sex   (hard-rock) 1987                            5 euro (dédicaser)


R 397090 1327431510 jpegA-HA ( nor) :I've Been Losing You   (pop rock)   1986                       2 euro

A haA-HA (nor): Touchy       (pop rock)     1988                                   1 euro

AsiaASIA (uk): Don't cry    (rock progressif)    1983                2 euro

R 1236574 1202758812 jpegAXIS (uk): Cold Wings       (rock)    1973           4 euro

BanglesBANGLES (usa): Walk like an egyptian   (pop rock)      1985      2 euro

Billy swanBILLY SWAN (usa): Don't be cruel   (rock'n'roll)     1975       2 euro

Bitches sinBITCHES SIN (uk): Always ready for love  (nwobhm) 1981  sans pochette   6 euro

Cerrone giveCERRONE (fr): Give me love    (rock)      1978      2 euro

Cerrone rockCERRONE (fr): Rock me    (rock)    1979         2 euro

Faire un pontDICK RIVERS (fr): Faire un Pont  (rock)


2 euro


R 1350570 1211911286 jpegEXTREME (usa): Rest in Peace    (heavy rock)  1992  5 euro

She drives me crazyFINE YOUNG CANNIBAL (uk) : She Drives me Crazy   (pop rock)


2 euro


Genesis no replyGENESIS (uk): Noreply at all    (rock progressif)  1981       2 euro

Genesis mamaGENESIS (uk): Mama      (rock progressif)   1983        2 euro

Genesis thatGENESIS (uk): That's all     (rock progressif)   1983       2 euro

Freezing blackstained universeINFERNAL NECROMANCY  (jap): Freezing Blackstained Universe   (black metal)


5 euro


Big bad moon singleJOE SATRIANI (usa) : Big Bad Moon    (hard-rock)


4 euro


Dirty livinKISS (usa): Dirty Livin'   (hard-rock)


4 euro


L impero delleL'IMPERO DELLE OMBRE/BUD TRIBE (?/?): Split ep     (heavy metal) 2008 disc rouge 5 euro

MONRO  (usa) : Some girls   (hard fm)   1987   3 euro

NAZARETH (uk): Morning Dew  (hard-rock)  1981   1 euro   (Tampon de radio)

Phil collinsPHIL COLLINS (uk): Thru' these Walls   (rock)


2 euro


PROSAIC (fr): Ballade pour Black l'Hykla  (rock)  1982    8euro   rare

R 6297108 1415849399 1898 jpegSAKHET (col): A Camionto do Inferno    (heavy metal)  2013    5 euro

ShuntSHUNT (fr): Shunt     (heavy speed metal)    1985      15 euro    rare ep

In a darkened roomSKID ROW (usa): In a darkened room    (heavy metal)   1991   2 euro

Rockin all over the world singleSTATUS QUO (uk): Rockin all over the Wolrd  (hard-rock boogie)


3 euro


Little miss prissySTRAY CATS (uk): Little Miss Prissy  (rockabilly)


4 euro


Thrash metal blitzkrieg vol 3THRASH METAL BLITZKRIEG VOL 3 with bands violent attack,Disaster,Crimson Steel et Crucifier


5 euro


Half breedTITANIC  (uk): Half Breed   (rock) 


4 euro


Hot loveT-REX  (uk): Hot Love   (hard-rock)


2 euro


Love made meVIXEN (usa): Love made me     (heavy rock)    1989    2 euro

R 1595862 1394878627 9064 jpegVIXEN (usa): How Much Love   (heavy rock)  1990    4 euro

Is this love standing in the shadowsWHITESNAKE (uk): Is this love   (hard-rock)   1987    2 eurp

We re out tonightWILLCOX (fr): We're out Tonight    (hard-rock)


15 euro   rare 45 tours


YesYES (uk): Love will find away   (rock progressif)  1987    3 euro

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